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Fallball is a sport that was invented on November 22 in Bangor, Wales, by four students at the University of Wales, Bangor.
The basic rules of Fallball are as follows: there are two teams of two players. The pitch is a room of roughly 3.5 metres long by 2 wide, with a 2 metre-long Fallpad on the left side (a large, soft mat shaped roughly like a sofa) and a Bouncewall on the other side - a foam covered wall. At either end is a goal of half a metre's width and 2 metres tall. The ball is an orange ball the same size and shape as a size-5 football.
The object is to score in your opponents' goal with any part of your body other than your arms and hands. You are, however, allowed to use your hands if the ball is in the air, but should you catch the ball you must throw it into play within 5 seconds: whilst being held the Fallball may not be touched by another player. You are allowed to physically restrain opposing players by lifting them up and throwing them onto the Fallpad or bodychecking them into the bouncewall. It is also legal to throw the opposing player into the goal. Such physical contact is allowed whether or not a player is in possession of the ball. Pinning is also allowed. Kicking, biting, stamping, punching and headbutting are considered fouls. A Fallball pitch can be substituted with a living room. A standard football may also be used.
"Mat was bodychecked into the Bouncewall by Dave, who passed to Adam; Adam was thrown into the Fallpad by Louis who shot the Fallball into the empty goal."
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