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Means your plans didn't work out for some reason.

(imagine someone trying to cross one of those suspended wooden bridges and falling through)
"Dude I know you're trying to hook up with that chick tomorrow night, but if that should fall through call me up and we'll play some vidja games."
by evakuate March 25, 2009
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A drug dealer or hookup that is either bunk or doesn't deliver. a Fall-Through is the kind of guy that makes you wait 2 hours for a bag of weed, only to tell you he couldn't get it. A Fall-Through is the ultimate timewaster and ultimately, an asshole.
"Tony can't get weed, he's a fall-through"

"Bob said he has shrooms? 10 bucks says he's a fucking fall-through"
by Matt December 05, 2003
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"fall-through" simply means diarrhea. The word derives from the German word "Durchfall" of which the literal translation is fall-through.
OMG, I have this terrible fall-through. I hope that's over before we board the plane. This is really embarrassing man!
by Klarissa506 January 07, 2009
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