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A black individiual who dresses and talks as if he is rather tough, thuggish or gangsta. But upon further inspection you find he just uses his black exterior in conjunction with inner-city dress/vernacular to appear and sell the part of being a gangsta "nigga." Really he is very weak and is easily threatened by any aggresion shown by opposition and will back down rather quickly.
Dude.....Will I.AM from Black-Eyed-Peas is such a fake nigger. I'm starting to think that Wyclef is as well.
by T Ferace October 24, 2006
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A whigger, or a person that imitates or thinks that he/she is a nigger.
The fake nigger is listening to Rap music on his fucked up radio. He is smoking that shit and masturbating to Alfred Hitchcock.
by Nigger in an Icebox December 22, 2012
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It's basically someone who thinks that he's black or a "nigger" when in reality he is of a different race. Most fake niggers talk slang as if they are a "nigga" and that they were raised from poverty and built their way up to the top by claiming that they have a rap "album". Fake niggers think that they are tough and hardcore when they are actually pussies. They think they can rap like Rap artists such as 50 cent or Jay-Z when in reality they can't because they are afraid to verse and their rhymes are terrible to one's ears. In other words, they suck in rapping and at life.
Jim is such a Fake Nigger that when he talks about his non-existing rap album that he keeps postponing.
Jim is a Fake Nigger that he actually thinks he is a Nigger.
Acting Like a Gangsta, Jim is not only a Wanksta and a Fake Nigger but an third-rate Asshole
by Convert2Satanism October 15, 2007
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