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When you become tagged as "It" in the town of Fairhope, Alabama, by church bullies, quarter-back sized drug addicts, con-artists whom become police confidential informants, and the local coke- and crack-whores at certain places --- you start hanging in the local bars with a bunch of people whom must have never talked to a truly intelligent woman in their lives -- because mostly they only understand the power of their Civil War connections, "whiskey dicks" -- and vodka, weed and speed. Back-door deals, child-stalkers, sexual predators, drug addicts, psychotic-drug-addicted nannies and hospital employees and rich folks' bored kids whom commit random and targeted acts of vandalism. A vast wasteland of unused "best and brightest" that are "slave labor" to the incompetent judges, politicians and other "officials." A total joke!
When I moved to "Fairhopeless," Alabama, in 2003, I thought I had found a little slice of Paradise -- a nirvana -- the church bully and other assorted bitches and gripers soon made it clear that they thought they ruled the roost. As fat, unattractive, loud and evil as most of them were, I would say they would have covered 2 to 3 roosts per their fat bottoms.
by Utopia03 September 20, 2013
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