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someone who is a fucking fail at life. usually simple minded stupid sheepish like person. cannot think for themselves, easily repeat to others anything told to them without thinking, act like they are being successful at their human being life job, but are really just very stupid and dumb. People that are or are similar to failfucks include rednecks, religious extremists, bandwagon sports team fans, stupid crazy mothers, douchebags, people who support neocons and similar company, Nazi's, the English Defense League anyone else who is/are a major obstacle to the advancement and progression of civilized society and human life.
failfuck: "9-11 happened cuz of the AyeRakees!"

failfuck: "black people only eat kfc"

failfuck: "poor people are poor cuz they suck yo"

failfuck: "haha look at the fat guy thinking that midget is a large sandwich"

failfuck: "remember son, we all know jews hide gold and muslims are evil. dont make friends with that isaac or that abdul"
by concerned human being December 01, 2011
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