When faith is so cruel that it pwns you with the amount of fail that it provides given the circumstances. In other words, a massive fail that marks you for the rest of your life. The ultimate self-embarrassment.
Example 1: Masturbating in front of your laptop when you've forgotten the webcam on after speaking to your grandparents in Florida would be failage.

Example 2: Letting the girl you have a crush on download a torrent using your PC without thinking of deleting or hiding the collection of BDSM porn first would be an even bigger failage.
by sveti_shano_birminghamski2 January 15, 2010
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A mass amount of fail that can happen anywhere at anytime that is being watched, talked about, and or made fun of by someone or something.
<random dude 1>:Look at all those noobz geting pwned in Halo.
<random dude 2>:Yeah! They really suck!
<random dude 1>:I know! Just look at all that failage!
by Oroku November 27, 2007
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To completely miss the point of the excercise. You have gone beyond failing. You have hit Failage.
When asked to put together a spreadsheet that a program was built to complete, you have total failage.
by KMLWMO September 14, 2010
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1) The opposite of Pwnage; what happens when something is Pwned
2) When a fail is so huge and so epic that the entire time period in which that fail happened must become an age of fail--a failage (pronounced fail-age)
3) The correct spelling of Failness
4) A literal fail, as in Rock Band. However, cannot be applied if the song is rated "impossibly difficult", because if it is, geek is a much better term.
1) Watch that noob getting wrecked in Halo! thats total failage!
2) Driving off a cliff in mario kart. on a course with no cliffs.
3) Even my computer tells me I spelled it wrong, but if it doesn't then it's still failage
4) Failing on Eye of the Tiger on guitar. Or drums. Or bass. Or singing.
by Salamence July 16, 2010
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It is a moment when some epically fails.It is usually said to a person who fails at life.It is the uber word that PWNS!
BlackGuy:Did you see Chris Crocker?!He is soo gay!
WhiteGuy:Shut the fuck up NIGGA!
AsianGuy:Wow...this moment is...EPIC OF THE FAILAGE!
by ChaseShaunJoon May 31, 2009
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