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pretty much the worst thing you can be called. often used on posers, and people who think theyre sick but really their fagstyle. derived from a seat cover, literally means the style of a fag. anyone else can fuck off.
matty: hey that new scooter you got is dope, can i ride it????
jaquan: yeah dude just dont go over 15mph, it will break, and the pink star wars stickers will fall off.

Jack: look at those kids on that fagstyle scooter over there. lets go beat their asses.
Billy the kid: alright dude first im gonna take this roxi.
by swerty gert February 09, 2019
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The insertion of a male's penis into a female's ass. So named because it is sex had in the style of fags(anally), yet not actually performed in a homosexual context.
by Lee Ji Hoon October 10, 2007
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When a man is dressed so well that one cannot determine if he is extremely metrosexual or a fag.
Girl 1: Hey, check him out, he looks fine but he is dressed a little too good...he's probably gay.
Girl 2: Nah, we've fucked, he's just got fag style.

Girl 1: Word. He does have some fag style.
Girl 2: Not in bed he don't.
by Sir Pimp D June 03, 2011
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