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a kid from Ithaca that trys to act like a wigger but at the same time is gay note these two go hand in hand
That bitchy little wigger there no word for him hes faghetto
by Skcusekim October 25, 2004
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a fake ghetto person -see The Haverford School They are rich, white, and go to a prep school but denie it all and act like they grew up in the hood and they are a gangster
omg see those white kids actin shady
yeah just ignore them
faghettos are not the ppl u want to be with their minds are in denial
by createroffaghetto June 24, 2005
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a person who pretends to be or thinks they are ghetto. Many examples of faghettoness can be found in prepschools such as shipley baldwin agnes irwin haverford and ea.
betty: WOW u see that kid over there he looks soo ghetto!
Jack: betty he goes to ea hes loaded with cash goes to a prep school and lives in a mansion, hes faghetto.
betty: ohhh, wanna fuck?
Jack: hells yeah
by udon'knome May 12, 2005
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