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A private school on the mainline. A very rigorous academic program cuases students potential break downs from time to time. Although its students have been stereotyped as blonde haired and blue eyes, there are many girls there who dont have the affore mentioned features. However, it is a truth that almost every student wears pearl earings and ribbons each day. Also they are known for their high amounts of spirit on such theme days as the christmas assembly, Spirit days, and halloween. All in all Agnes Irwin, affectionately called Irwins by those who attend, is a school in which people pay to break into tears, manically deck out their assigned places in their class colors, and roll out of bed each morning, throw a kilt on and race to school.
"Sometimes Irwins makes me want to run myself into a wall, and other times, I speed in the morning to get there"
by 2006 February 03, 2005
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A Main Line private school full of hott girls. usually rich kids school is haverford
pshhh that girl goes to agnes irwin. the upper schoolers there are so damn hot.peace out napoleon
by anonymous December 23, 2004
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Definition of an Agnes Irwin girl: Wearing cashmere sweaters, Gucci sunglasses, and Tiffanys galore, these Philadelphian socialits take pride in their top notch prepatory education, the Agnes Irwin School. Arriving in BMWs, Audis, or Land Rovers, these blondes (if not outwardly, then at least at heart) not only know how to calculate daddy's trust fund, but also their 1300> SAT score. Special skills include superior hair flipping, being tan all year round, and looking sexy in a white buttondown shirt, collar up. When not applying to the top universities in the country, these AIS ladies may be spotted at parties with an Ivy League bound hunk, while taking shots of expensive liquor from their families wine cellars. Ultimately defined as one of beauty, wealth, and brains, an AIS girl will carry on the tradition of charming you with her classy styles and grace.
"Sometimes Irwins makes me want to run myself into a wall"
by class of 2005 February 12, 2005
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Yeah what everyone else says is true about Irwins girls and how they look and act and that stuff, but there are a few who are not like that at all and trust me i know! Some girls there hate the main line factor of the school and even through i think all the girls can hemm kilts very well that doesn't mean they are like all the other girls there. My friends there hate all those blonde girls who wear all the pearls, they are into rock and metal music and don't have to take all this staireotyping from people. Just because there are girls there who are VERY preppy doesn't mean there aren't any other girls there you are the complete opposite!
'I wish that Irwins actually suported individuality, like they say they do. I mean whats up with all this main line preppy stuff?'
by Duckster April 11, 2005
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A WAAAAY better school than Baldwin or EA.

p.s. Ford08 (who is obviously a Baldwin FREAK), you didn't even spell "pathetic" correctly (just proves how much dumber Baldwin is than Irwins).
Haverford Hottie: Ew, does that loser-dork who's picking her nose and is trying to wear an xsmall -- even though she is obviously an xlarge -- go to your school, Agnes Irwin Hottie ?

Irwins Hottie: Why no, Haverford Hottie. Dorky sluts don't go to MY school. She must go to...

Haverford Hottie & Irwins Hottie: BALDWIN!
by Agnesirwinchick<3 April 04, 2008
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a great school for classy,intelligent young women (leave the trashiness to baldwin) on the mainline.FUll of major hotties who r probs dating a sexy havy boy who will never leave her for a baldwin pig. or you might even see her out with a meathead from EA They party harder than they study and manage to have all all A's and still play lax,field hockey,soccer and tennis.

All in all a waaaaaay better school than baldwin or Ea if you didnt know.
Agnes Irwin girls don't need to grind on havys at the mixers to get them to like her..they already have plans to invite her to their beach house and party on their private yacht.
by AIS ALLDAY BABY March 05, 2011
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