Derogatory term referring to a wimp, sissy, queer, or almost anyone with undesirable qualities.
Tyrone used to be my friend, then his faggotass stole all that money from me, so I had to kick his ass, know what I'm sayin?
by MasterOfTheUniverse November 16, 2007
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Officially coined in late August 2007, a faggot-ass is a college age Connecticut male, typically wearing a button up shirt or polo of some sort, khaki pants, (possibly shorts in incredibly hot weather), tennis shoes, and gelled hair. You will rarely find him without some shade of pink on his clothing, typically on the shirt, (whether it be the overall shade, a certain stripe, or the tiny logo on the breast). His attitude will be condescending, and his friends will almost jokingly label him a "douchebag". You will find many of him at Dave Matthews Band and John Mayer concerts during the summer, and he will likely drink so much beer at the tailgate that he not only comes to the concert late, but must pushes obliviously through the crowd while texting on his phone, trying to locate his other faggoty friends. His girlfriend will undoubtedly be the stupid bimbo with at least two other single bimbo friends, all of which will have one mixed drink and then pretend to be absolutely shit-faced, (but you will not see a single one of them puke, instead, you will see them stroking their faggot-ass's back as he pukes instead). Do not let him catch you insulting him, because he will get up in your face and yell, then refuse to fight if you take him up on the offer. He is not witty, intelligent, or in possession of a bright future. Most feel incredible pity for his plight, and take a sip of whatever they are drinking in honor of his lack of dignity.
Omg, did you see Andrew at the funeral today? That pink tie... what a faggot-ass!
by fu_ct June 07, 2009
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a dude that shines his pennies to wear in
the fronts of his Penny loafers.
Look at that Faggot Ass prancing down the
street in his penny loafers.
by Street Whiz April 05, 2009
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A horribly wimpy man. One who will not stand up for ones self!
"Look at that faggot ass over there, just lettin those fools clown him!"
by Jamie Beech November 03, 2007
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an adjective used to describe someone or something unpleasent.
Jimmy: hey mike, did bryan pay you the money he owes you

Mike: That faggot-ass nigga aint pay my money YET
by Michael Williamson June 23, 2005
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Originated in Rochester, MN by a student in John Marshall High by the name of Marshal, and the O.G. of being called a faggot ass, Cody. This was created around October of 2007 and is a very widespread commonly used word in John Marshall today.
Dammit Cody, your a Faggot Ass.
by Marshal Richards October 29, 2008
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