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When a guy acts extremely flamboyant. Like snappin and clackin and twippin' and twriling in public places that are not gay friendly. Uses hand gestures when talking. Uses different tones of voices for no reason. Claims to be straight but in reality is bi sexual.
"Dude the bartender is totally faggin' out!!"
by Tru Piru May 15, 2009
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when one of ur friends wont come hang out with the guys cuz "He's gotta spend time with his gurl friend" An official FAGOUT!!
Are you faggin out again dude???

by Casey rich January 29, 2008
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Too "Fag Out' or too be "Faggin' Out" is too listen to music on a stereo or loud speaker, usually Gangster Rap or R&B at an obnoxiously loud volume. This action is most commonly performed in a vehicle or populated area that is generally quiet, and where the peace and quiet may be disturbed.

This term is not to be mistaken with the term "Faggin' Out" which means to "bail out on" or "ditch" a friend or group of friends too be with a girlfriend/boyfriend.
-I'm Faggin' Out with wit my homies in da Cadialac.
-We be Faggin' Out to some 2Pac and B.I.G.
-Look at that Wankster, Faggin' Out in his Truck.
by Dr.SawgEd October 16, 2010
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