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A giant mythical, gay robot from the future that turns into a simply fabulous dance club. Faggatron most closely resembles a Transformer in appearance, but communicates with a pronounced effeminate lisp. Faggatron is the result of years of intense faggatronics research (hence his name).

Faggatrons primary objective is to combat homosexual intolerance, by transforming into a simply fabulous discotheque for all to enjoy. With a sassy lisp, "hey guys .. let's party", is a hard thing to resist from a 80 foot robot with laser blasters.

While Faggatron is RARELY seen in his physical form, his influence on the world still shines bright today. The UK's pop music scene was particularly fortunate in the 1980's.

As a concept, Faggatron challenges the notion of how exactly a robot could be homosexual in the first place. While Faggatron is mostly a-sexual, his design is more yang than yin. This is further explored by the First Church of Appliantology

One can always tell where Faggatron has been, because of the residual level of faggatronics in the area. This can result in a higher than normal level of art galleries, dance clubs, and botiques with urban accessories for the metrosexual gentleman.

Gary: "I feel that my sexual identity is not being respected"

Chip: "Don't worry Gary. Faggatron will be here soon to blast all these fools. Then we will dance."
by shoeburger November 28, 2008
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Some say super gay, and some say...who knows. Faggatron can be any kind of insult...does it have to be an insult? NOOOO. May usually be said when someone is being annoying as fuck.
Gaylord: Do you think people like me?
Gaylord: You wanna hang out or feel sorry for me?
Gaylord: Are you ready to make sweet love?
You: Shut the fuck up, faggatron.
by antoisauce October 17, 2010
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Faggatron is an expression you show towards a rather large person mainly of the women culture who is rather thick in both head and on the rear end,very large nose who denies its big and is very insecure about there weight who has there lower lips either touching there ankles or covering there feet.
by trampatron July 14, 2009
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The term used to describe a person so gay that it was almost as if they were designed in a gay laboratory. Also used to describe the biggest faggot that one knows. Also a master of Faggatronix.
Mike: Should I add Jacob on snapchat?
Johnny: No dude, he is faggatron. Like he is beyond the acceptable level of gay.
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by aceofspades8 May 08, 2018
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