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Similar to braggadocio, faggadocio involves bragging or otherwise calling attention to a same-sex attraction, often seemingly out of nowhere. Sufferers of faggadocio have often come out of the closet very recently and think the entire world will be shocked by it.
"I was talking to Sarah about university, and she said 'Most people don't know I have a degree in biochemical engineering. Because I'm gay.' Weird, huh?"
"Yeah, she just came out to her parents so she's a bit of a faggadocio right now. She'll calm down when she realizes that enjoying a box lunch doesn't make you special."

"Hey, Kevin."
"I'M GAY."
"Er, congratulations?"
"Sorry, I'm filled with faggadocio and I just had to tell someone."
by Meredith Baxter February 24, 2010
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