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A play on the terms hardcore, deathcore and other sub-genres of heavy metal music with the suffix 'core', fagcore describes music made by untalented hacks trying to pass themselves off as serious musicians. Commercially-motivated, most fagcore artists are teen and mainstream orientated.
Linkin Park, Jesse McCartney, Yellowcard and Fall Out Boy are arguably some of the most prominent fagcore artists.

Sentence usage can be as follows:
"Linkin Park is nothing more than fucking fagcore crap."
by Metathesiophobia September 20, 2006
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a term used to describe all those stupid little wannabe hardcore kids that think that they have to add core or at least 50 Xs to every stinking thing that they say or type.

if you have ever said or typed anything like this, then you are a fagcore protégé.
by youreverydayposer July 02, 2005
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The new wave of music to reign over the majority of the teenage population in the united states in which has been growing since 2007. In comparison to the 80's hair metal and glam metal waves, fagcore is not named discriminately. It's named for the use of clothing (tight jeans and strange haircuts) and the feminine approach toward hardore music.
Dan: Do you want to come see Asking Alexandria with me next weekend, dude? They're fucking epic.
Jake: No, it's fagcore. They pretend it's metal, and they all look like Justin Biebers league of older lesbian sisters.
by sgmjudd June 06, 2011
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Homosexual people, synonomus to hardcore but with homosexuality. A new branch of homosexuality. Gays that are pretty masculine in some ways.
Are you in the fagcore? I didn't know you like football.
by movie.scriptending May 17, 2006
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