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A gay man used as status symbol - alluding to being worn on the arm like a cheap trinket. Predominantly by a single, straight female who would be described as a 'fag hag'
"Come On Eddie, you don't need a fag bangle"<br><i>AbFab, Gay </i>
by Steve Powell December 11, 2003
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What a gay man is to his faghag – an accessory! Like this season’s bag or shoe every faghag needs a gay man on her arm to up her Fashionista rating!
What are you wearing to tonight darling?
My Prada dress, Jimmy Choo's and Javier my little fagbangle from Brazil. He’s so cute; I picked him up in Rio last weekend and he goes with everything in my closet!
by vbk July 28, 2008
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The highly desired gay accessory. Generally found in female form, the fagbangle is commonly seen to be draped around the arm of the richest and most handsome of gay men.

Not to be confused with the fag hag, the fagbangle dislikes gay clubs immensely and has no interest in Cher and/or McFly. She doesn't have a problem telling her gay best friend to fuck off if he expects her to go to some faggy dive that plays generic trash until 3am.

She is mainly interested in getting all the glamour she can from her gay man so she needn't feel bad about herself for being so pitifully single.

Overall, the fagbangle has impeccable taste in music and is of above-average intelligence - she just wants to look good and relies on the affections of her "fag" to prove that she's loved by at least one man in the world.
"No, I am most certainly NOT coming to Vibe tonight, Joe - nor will I ever be. I'm not a hag....I'm a fucking fagbangle alright..?!"
by Tatty Narja October 23, 2006
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A female who enjoys the company of homosexual men, like "fag hag" but less derogatory. So called because she "hangs off the arms of fags".
"That girl is such a fag bangle, all he friends are gay!"
by lucie8uk October 04, 2003
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A complete and utter queer, 100% homosexual through and through. The absolute epitome of campness.
Hey Ronan, you are such a fucking fagbangle tbh.
by Mathew Wale April 24, 2006
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A woman who sleeps with a repressed homosexual man.
"Derpina is sleeping with Herp? I thought he way gays. "
"Yeh she's a total fag bangle. "
by technoph1le December 03, 2011
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A gay man you hook up with at a bar, who consequently drags/you drag around holding his wrist like a bangle. The term is often used to describe gay men as accessories; however it can be used as an affectionate and endearing pet name (fb for short).
Hey fagbangle, lets go for coffee on Saturday
by puppy_perplexed September 27, 2011
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