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Derogatory term for the lower classes. Or someone who is a bit rough.Rank. Pikey. Like in Titanic when the posh bird asks Leonardo Di Caprio what is it like down in steerage, and he says something like "Fine, hardly any rats at all, Ma'am". Steerage is quite literally the cheapest accommodation on a passenger ship, but also describes so well someone who is a bit scummy!!!
(Muttered under ones breath when passing youths in bad clothes etc on the street), "Steerage".
by lucie8uk January 22, 2004

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A female who enjoys the company of homosexual men, like "fag hag" but less derogatory. So called because she "hangs off the arms of fags".
"That girl is such a fag bangle, all he friends are gay!"
by lucie8uk October 04, 2003

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