When a french douchebag kills you instantly by swinging a small knife in your face.
by African Jezus February 7, 2009
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verb, to forcibly insert an object (usually a knife) into a person or animal's face.

noun, used to describe a situation, often unfavorably
verb, "If you don't shut up about your sister's operation and take off your pants, I'll facestab you!"

noun, "Your parents died in a car accident AND you lost your wallet? That's a facestab."
by Facestab February 7, 2007
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The art of applying a slam, inflicting an insult or gossipping on Facebook. The comment is done in such a way that the reader may not even know they, or someone they know, is being Facestabbed. If the reader is fortunate, a post from someone else will connect the dots and the reader will have an "I get it moment" and know that so and so has just been Facestabbed.
I didn't even realize that Laura was facestabbing Angie on Facebook the other day.
by Naffamily November 23, 2010
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