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face-twitched -some fool poisoned your food or drink because they fucking hate you , when some fool has added a "the face-twitching solution" to your food or drink.
I had a sandwich at a food place and a few minutes later I realized I had been face-twitched.
I left my classroom and then returned to take a swig of my water and realized I had been face-twitched.
If you start yelling after your lunch break at work, you have been face-twitched.
Wow! I feel sudden bursts of rage. Maybe I have been face-twitched.

Oh my goodness! It has taken me five minutes to walk 10 feet. Do you think I have been face-twitched?

Look over there! I think that is Payne Stewart the Christmas Cop eating a sweet. Someone face-twitched me again.
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