From "feis kontrol", a Russian klub colloquialism of the English words "face control." Your "face" is your level of wealth, beauty, power, social standing, and overall desirability.

Feis kontrol is the power of the velvet rope, originally referring to the surly bouncers at the most exclusive Moscow klubs. It can literally refer to club door personnel, or it can be used figuratively to refer to some ideal social arbiter.
"I'd love to go to (exclusive club), but I'd never pass face control there."

"What is she doing here? Someone call face control!"
by supermagic8ball September 26, 2009
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A sophisticated addition to bouncing at night clubs. Usually perfomed by a designated host(s). Face control persons are there to decide which individuals in the line are priveleged to get in without having to wait in line and sometimes avoiding cover charges/lists/frisking. If you get picked out from the line at the club it means that you're priveleged!
Mike Myers picking out Ryan Phillippe out of the crowd and gettin' him into Studio 54 nightclub - face control in it's purest form. (from Studio 54... duh!)
by Andre P October 8, 2006
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When a dude so fucking ugly, you're like "nope. I think I chose abstinence today"
Stacy: Did you see that guy?

Anne: oh yea. Birth control face.
Stacy: I wouldn't fuck that guy in a million years.
Jessi: accurate
by Chorizo expert June 12, 2021
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