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Perfect, on point, A+, flawless On point, flawless,perfect,A+
Homegirl used her Anastia Beverly Hills Dip brow and her "eyebrows on fleek"
by Warriorprincess October 29, 2014
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Nickname for Javier. Javiers are typically amazing Latino guys. Usually tough and badass on the outside, with a sweet, soft spot on the inside, especially when it comes to the women they care about. Javis are known to be way stronger than they think they are, and they keep pushing themselves and never give up. If you find a Javi, watch him. There's more to him than meets the eye.
Guy 1: "Yo, check out the beast on the bars, ese!"
Guy 2: "I know, man! Dude's a fucking Javi!"

Girl 1: "Who's the guy that opened the door for us earlier?"
Girl 2: "Oh, that's Javi."
Girl 1: "Dammmmmnnnnn, he's hot."
Girl 2: "He already has a girlfriend."
Girl 1: "Aw PISS!"
by Warriorprincess August 29, 2012
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To rudely interrupt a conversation, speech or announcement with the sole intention of ruining the moment for all involved.
"Aren't Jack and Liz supposed to be married by now?"
"They were, but Liz's ex-boyfriend Dennis went on to pull a Kanye during the ceremony to declare that Liz was the best woman in the world he's ever been with."
by Warriorprincess September 18, 2009
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