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Shaving gaps in your eyebrows to be trendy. It gets clumped in the category of eyebrows on fleek and shaping/drawing them on. It's usually done on one eyebrow but can be done on both, and there could but 2-3 slits on an eyebrow or just one. People also do these to identify with a group if a whole clique does eyebrow slits.
"Do you remember those girl at the mall?"
"Um, nah man"
"Yeah you do, they all had those eyebrow slits"
"Oh yeah! Now I remember"
by Idont know anything June 27, 2015
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A huge thing with gangs, it's the amount of people they killed, raped, or drugged. It's a really sad thing to see. That's why certain people have eyebrow slits
1st Person: Oh my good look at his eyebrow wtf...
2nd Person: I'd get away from him, he has 3 eyebrow slits, and he has killed 3 people
1st Person: Damn, let's get away
Guy with eyebrow slit: Wtf you lookin at wank??
by qoodvibes June 10, 2016
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The culturally appropriated term created by white people to attempt to cash in on what is properly referred to as eyebrow cuts made popular by black people, most notably Big Daddy Kane, since the early days of hip hop.
Those white girls keep talking about eyebrow slits but they are actually called eyebrow cuts. Idiots.
by Mike Blizz October 11, 2018
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