Looking or experiencing something nice after witnessing something horrid like a disgusting gif or a disturbing video. Typically used as eye bleach are nice images of whatever makes the disturbed person happy.
"Bleach my eyes! Why is that woman's face ripped off!?"
*Looks up images of puppies and kittens.*
"That's good eye bleach."
by Rini2012 November 29, 2016
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Fictitious product mentioned when one views a horrible image online.
After viewing a horrible picture: Please pass the eye bleach.
by lifeisharsh20 July 02, 2007
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a product used on the eyes when disturbing content, in line with internet rule 34, has been viewed and cleansing is necessary. steel wool may also be applied in severe cases.
"Damn it, the image of it is burned into my eyes!"
"Quick, use the eye bleach to remove"
by tad2020 September 05, 2006
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Pictures of hot girls that are looked at when someone views a particularly disturbing picture, especially one that is made especially for rule 34
Dude, This picture of a 500 pound naked chick with asparagus coming out of all holes is disgusting! I need some eye bleach!
by Fjiblfitz November 26, 2008
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term used when you see a film that's so terrible, the only logical thing to do is pour bleach in your eyes in the hopes that it will cleanse your corneas.
"Gigli" was such a terrible movie, I needed buckets of eye bleach after leaving the theater.
by cpshelley September 03, 2006
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A nonexistent product which people say they will use after viewing something in line with rule 34 or something horrifying/gory. Eye bleach typically consists of cute pictures of puppies, kittens, ducklings and other baby animals to cleanse your eyes after viewing any of the aforementioned.
After viewing a photo that aligns with rule 34: "Someone please pass the eye bleach!"
by PhxMfwa December 17, 2017
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Something that's needed after searching up or reading about things which turn out to be a bit unsettling or embarrassing to have looked at. The eye Bleach could be pictures that could take your mind off what you just read. Or it can be actual bleach, depends on your preference.
Person; "Bro get me some eye Bleach"

OG, "Why?"

Person; "You don't want to know why"

*Phone sliding into pocket*
by Daniel El Confiado June 19, 2017
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