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Spying on an ex to obtain information on how he or she looks, whether he or she is dating someone new, or other salient information.
When Sarah realized her former boyfriend was dating someone new, she engaged in expionage to see what the new girl looked like.
by JeNieDieu May 09, 2010
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When you're doin (what you feel to be) covert operations, checkin up on your ex. Being super annoying trying to make yourself apart of their life. Taking candid pics of them when they dont see you're there; stalking them from the shadows. Friending them on Facebook, twitter and bugging the hell out of them on all social networking sites. And getting all your friends and their friends to try to get you to reminisce about past moments in an attempt to give ya'll the chance to "catch up". Move the fuck on already!! They'res a fucking reason ya'll ain't together. An crazy ex stuff like this is one of them.
Guy1"Dude she won't leave me alone"
Guy2 "Who? "
Guy1 "Gwen, she thinks shes being slick donning that thrench coat and glasses but shes been following me for days"
Guy2 "Dang man she really needs to stop that ex-pionage shit, doesn't she know you've moved on?"
by The Vagrant Vanguard May 20, 2016
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