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an awesome, underrated thrash/groove metal band of the 80's and 90's hailing from new orleans. they broke up in the 90's, but reformed in the 00's. as of 2008, they have officially reformed and have begun writing new material for a new album.

many bands like lamb of god, pantera, and sepultura have been credited with helping found and consolidate the groove (post-thrash) genre, but sadly, exhorder is often overlooked.

they released two albums, 1990's "slaughter in the vatican," which featured more of a traditional thrash sound. 1992's "the law" utilized the aggression of thrash guitar riffs and vocals, but a drumming style that was more syncopated, with double-bass "waves" and "spurts" as opposed to speed, and less of an emphasis on blastbeats.

despite the fact that the only reason why people know about them is because pantera allegedly ripped off their style, exhorder's touch on the groove genre cannot be understated.

so what does that mean?

kyle thomas, vocalist of exhorder, sounds PISSED OFF when he sings!
by J.M.F. July 10, 2008
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