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a big man with a very large dick typically having 3-5 pounds of pubic hair. Found in the African Jungle and is known to masturbate in public settings. There has only ever been 4 sighting of Kyle and he was found at disney on the stage of the castle jacking off, the people who spotted him followed him all the way back to the African jungle and were never seen again. Kyle is known to trap other people and rape them in the ass until they die. He also likes to take inspiration from Negan who plays the villain in walking dead. He is known to stick baseball bats with barbwire up his ass and scream negan's name. Kyle is also on England's most wanted list for having sex with the Queens car and dog. Ever since Disney Kyle has never been seen again.
A human like beast who likes to stick his dick in holes. Known for sectually torturing his victims. At all cost stay away from Kyle Thomas.
by nbikeee December 14, 2017
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