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He's a very kind,sweet,bright,and cute boy but denies it all the time.he is naturally smart so don't be surprised if he gets one of the highest grades in your class.he Likes making jokes and can make a lot of people laugh and smile.if you are talking him while you feel sad he'll make you feel better,he has a very bright smile but hides all of his pain.exavian is also hard to not like or love if you get to know him better,he can be a very good boyfriend and will make the time to talk to you while he can and tell you he loves you and how much you mean to him.when choosing what girl he wants pays attention to your personality more than looks but will call you beautiful or pretty
Girl 1:who's that boy over there?
Girl 2:oh him,he's exavian

Girl:I wanna try to get to know him *fixes hair and smiles*
by Nickle boy 231 May 21, 2018
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