Does not mean cereal, or anything even close to it. It does not mean serious, in fact it doesn't even exist, not even in slang. Please learn how to spell, and stop making stuff up, it really is just embarrassing.
"Mmmm this cereal is good"
"Nah son dat ceral is good"
"Shut up retard, just quit now"
by Literate people of the world February 04, 2010
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1.Something losers kill themselves in be serious about something
3.munchie food
food that will cheer up a cnadise or samanth
by bitch chick November 22, 2003
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verbAre you serious.
Girl: I saw your girlfriend last night.
Boy: Are you ceral! She told me she was going to be out of town.
by Briznitchhh May 27, 2007
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Take some word ceral(any kind) and DIP it in some NUGGETS
I love word ceral in a mug without it I would not speak also I just eat it for the thick NUGGETS
by QWERTYAZERTY no good names March 11, 2021
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