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The Eurofighter Typhoon, also known as the EF-2000 and EFA, is a new(as of 2005) multirole jet fighter made by Eurofighter GmbH, a conglomeration of British, Spanish, German, and Italian aerospace companies. Like most modern fighters of the 1990s, the Eurofighter is the result of a painfully long development period dating back to the early 1970s and is just now entering service.

The Typhoon features a delta wing with canards(a rather trendy arrangment), a chin-mounted air intake, a funky looking bulbous canopy, and a fucking huge tailfin. Despite the fact that the Eurofighter currently lacks thrust vectoring, its pretty damn manouverable. Its also supercruise capable. Compared to new American and Russian fighters, it doesn't appear to be stealthy.
Sure, the Eurofighter is probably pretty kickass, but I'll bet an F-22 would still own it. Not that i like the Raptor too much either, long live the Tomcat!
by gooberliberation January 01, 2006
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