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Eubin....IT'S A GIRL!
"What's a Eubin?"
"I dunno"
"......IT'S A GIRL!"
by Eubin March 05, 2008
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Eubin is a very unique name...when you search it up it's just says Eubin is a girl name..but there's more than that. (Usually a Eubin is Asian, not always true.)This particular Eubin is very nice and comfortable to be around with. She's also bit of a tomboy. A Eubin can be shy at some times, but is very "cool." She can be unorganized, and can worry a lot...She's a great friend to be around:)
Person 1- Hey she seems really cool and nice.
Person 2-she's probably a Eubin
by Adrianna34 May 20, 2017
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