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etopia, refers to a socially idealistic society, void of any form of authoritative governing body political, religious or economical. The economical system practiced in etopia is the free idéaliste-équilibré economy. which is the opposite to that of Sir Thomas mores Utopia. Mores utopia, makes reference to a society governed by a highly centralized and authoritative state institution, with a strong state welfare system. It also advocates the sinister practise of slavery, and is a highly materialistic and excessive society. Whereas etopia, in contrast has no state sanctioned welfare system in place and is fiercely opposed to the immoral practise of slavery.
No such society as etopia, yet exists. However, with the proper astute, education and the implementing of the proper and necessary measures in to place, the etopian idealistic society can very well become a reality.
by Darius Radmanesh May 16, 2016
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