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Essembly is a non-partisan website for people of any political ideology to engage in conversation and debate, form groups, and vote and comment on resolves written by fellow members. Contrary to the previous definition, it is not Christian-hating, and many of its members are Christians. There are also Jewish members, Islamic members, Atheist members, Buddhist members, etc. Essembly is not affiliated with any political party or any religion and is, in fact, an open forum. It is constructive and thought-provoking, with the majority of members employing intelligent and respectful conversation and debate.
Resolves may be serious resolves, or "just for fun." Those resolves that are "just for fun" are usually unrelated to politics and social issues, and do not affect a person's ideological calculations. Members can compare their ideology with anyone on the site, and may establish "friend" "ally" and "nemesis" connections.
I have been a member of essembly for quite some time, and find that there are members on every point in the political spectrum. While essembly does have a few close-minded and self-righteous members (both liberal and conservative), most are in fact quite open to worthwhile conversation and debate, and are capable of respectful disagreement.
by Meg322 October 28, 2007
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Essembly is a free, Liberal, Anti-Christian, Anti-Bush, Pro Abortion, pro gay marriage, and anti-war social networking site that provides tools for politically interested individuals to connect with one another, engage in constructive discussion, and organize to take action.
I went on Essembly to look for stimulating political discussion but all I got was a sewer of Bible bashing liberals who believe it is the woman's right to kill babies.
by Brian Newman July 29, 2006
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a place where stalkers go to congregate
julie was pretending to be stalked while on essembly, but everyone believed her, and so we all just stalked the guy.
by mbubbles August 19, 2009
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