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Probably the nicest person you will ever meet. People's whose names are Esmeralda are usually the prettiest, smartest, and nicest. Every girl wants to be like her and every guy is afraid to ask her out because of the fear of rejection. Usually will end up being voted prettiest, or Valedictorian. Overall, the most perfect person ever.
Girl: Oh my gosh, Esmeralda is so awesome, i wish i was just like her!

Guy:Wow, Esmeralda is so pretty, I want to ask her out, but I'm afraid that she'll reject me!
by heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy April 09, 2009
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a sweet and kind girl by day, trap queen by night. This girl tends to be super smart and is also the life of the party at all times
Hey guys Esmeralda is here, it's fuckin lit
by IvanChap March 14, 2016
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Is totally open with tons of people and not afraid to share her cute laughter. One of the best friends you'll ever ever ever have, and she won't as easily leave you for someone else. She is so much fun to be around and always able to make something laughable, even when it makes nm sense. She is so pretty and any guy friend she has will totally want to date her. Her personality is so lively and will have random moments when she gives you compliments, and anyone can't help but love her. Keep this one close as a bestie-- and different schools can't change the fact that your best friends, always and forever
"Hey, that girl is really pretty"
"Well, she must be an esmeralda! Let's go meet her"
by Always_and_foreverrr July 13, 2017
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Seductive girl who's always on the prowl. Looks like a cute innocent girl until you meet her.
Lincoln: "I looked away for a second, next thing i knew Esmeralda was staring me down with that grin!"
Abraham: "That's it? You don't wanna know what she did to me last week!"
by BL27tacos November 30, 2017
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