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Is totally open with tons of people and not afraid to share her cute laughter. One of the best friends you'll ever ever ever have, and she won't as easily leave you for someone else. She is so much fun to be around and always able to make something laughable, even when it makes nm sense. She is so pretty and any guy friend she has will totally want to date her. Her personality is so lively and will have random moments when she gives you compliments, and anyone can't help but love her. Keep this one close as a bestie-- and different schools can't change the fact that your best friends, always and forever
"Hey, that girl is really pretty"
"Well, she must be an esmeralda! Let's go meet her"
by Always_and_foreverrr June 19, 2017
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Is caring,sweet,smart,kind,nice,outgoing, beautiful,loving,funny,weird,goofy,honest and protective people you will ever know.She will be there for you when you need her.She will beat someone ass if you mess with one of her friends.She will make you laugh all the time.If you are friends with an Esmeralda you are very lucky.You will never regret meeting her
“Who were you just talking too?”
by Bob aka Emely March 19, 2019
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she is the most kind hearted soul out there. she has a whole lotta mood swings but is worth to fight for. she will love you unconditionally and will always be affectionate towards the people she truly loves. having an esmeralda in your life would be a blessing
Esmeralda is such a nice girl. i wanna be like her some day
by lilly836 October 25, 2018
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a bad bitchh, who is willing to do anything for her friends. Even if they may not even be there for her she will be there any time. a person you can tell everything too no matter how hard it is . she is like a big sister
wow is that Esmeralda, yes the queen
by True.facts.b July 07, 2018
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Esmeralda is a really pretty girl, who is pretty much shy but really crazy and goofy on the inside. Every guy friend that she has would probably want to date her but are to scared to ask because of rejection. Esmeralda can pretty bitchy and rude. But overall she’s just a depressed emo, but has a lot of friends. She can get a lot of manz but would probably lose interest the first day. She has a NICE style and a beautiful smile. If you meet an Esmeralda you should definitely try to be friends with her
"Hey! Did you hear that Nick is dating Esmeralda?

“Really? They do make a good couple”
by jungkookie :3 November 10, 2019
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a sweet and kind girl by day, trap queen by night. This girl tends to be super smart and is also the life of the party at all times
Hey guys Esmeralda is here, it's fuckin lit
by IvanChap December 06, 2015
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