Escaflowne is a technique you use when performing oral sex on a woman. Such a Technique involves the stimulation of the Anterior fornix or A spot and the ribbed tissue known as the G spot while simultaneously stimulating the Clitoris and the Skene's gland also known as the U spot. To properly perform the technique one uses one or two fingers in an alternating come hither motion inside the vaginal walls and apply pressure and contact on the A spot and the G spot. such motions can be either quickened or slowed down depending on the needs of the particular woman. while performing such manual actions within a woman one is expected to perform oral stimulation on the clitoris and the skene's gland with the use of one's tongue and lips. When performed properly the motions are simultaneous and the results are particularly strong sensations of pleasure from within inside and outside a woman's vaginal area and can result in intense orgasm. May Result in severe bruising on performing partner's arms due to violent orgasmic motions.
While going down on your girlfriend if you want her to orgasm from the inside out....you do escaflowne and she will rip you apart in pleasure. Thrashing motions may result in the need to hold her down with your free hand and to purchase new sheets.
by Dr. Christopher ladykiller1986 December 07, 2011
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one of those obscure anime shows that is only shown in Japan, or is only available on an overpriced DVD in America and/or Canada
God/Allah/(yourgod(s)here): Dude, did you see that episode of Escaflowne last night?
Mortal: No dude, remember? I don't have every channel known to man.
by _raleeshan_ May 15, 2004
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