The noise beatboxers use when imitating the sound of the discs being scratched on turntables. Can also be used in the same way as such words tru and legit; as an agreeable statement, or instead of sup or what it is; as a greeting.
G#1: "aight man, lay down the beat."
G#2: "(beatbox sounds) erra! (beatbox sounds)"

girl1: "ah man, last night was so liveee!"
girl2: "erra!"

cool kid: "eyyyy what it is man!"
cooler kid: "erra"
by socasual. March 24, 2010
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basically it means..dick.. in assyrian
-your erra is fucking small..ive seen bigger jionts
-moos erra(suck a dick in assyrian)
by s0methings0sweet November 7, 2003
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Erra, Irra or whatever the fuck you wanna call it ya stingway looking reg dogs
pretty can be used in anything but mainly for cringe or disappointment
lady trips over... ERRAAAAAA or junkies walk past... Erra Nooskins
by The Reg u know it February 25, 2021
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