A rare sexual position preformed chiefly by chemists (when they do rarely get some ass) in which the male will insert his tiny-man into an erlenmeyer flask and use the newfound implement to club his partner in a location of his desire. The broken glass remaining on his tiny-man can be left on as an act of revenge.
"Hey, did you see that scar on Mrs. B's face? Looks like she goten The Erlenmeyer!"
by Geingis Kahn May 16, 2008
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A piece of common lab equipment.
Teacher: "Ben, please fetch me the Erlenmeyer flask."
Ben: "What?"
Teacher: "The Eeeeerrrrrrrlenmeeeyyyeeerrrr flaaaaask."
by It’s a Dingus December 7, 2020
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The equivalent of the modern-day term "flex", or as a verb, "flex-ing"; but with the intent of impressing fellow Chemists/Scientists/Students within said realms of academia or even mere hobbyists keeping the waters of "nerd culture" warm for all. One possible example could be a novel proposed synthesis for a specific analogue of an obscure compound -- would be a GigaChad level Erlenmeyer Flex and would almost certainly result in sexual intercourse (wearing the proper PPE, naturally)
The invention of the Erlenmeyer flask is perhaps the strongest Erlenmeyer flex the world has thus far seen - a true Science Sector Chad
by AorticKamikaze March 12, 2023
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Erlenmeyer is a special magic weed made by the seclusive Nightmare Gnomes
Me: Holy shit this Erlenmeyer is way too dank
Friend: Fuck yeah it is
by Kaos9001 August 9, 2017
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