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A condition found in males in which the penis, when erect, takes the form of a rectangular prism.

This condition is thought to be highly uncommon although no statistical reference could be found.
"oh damn, your dick is shaped like a rectangle? This'll be interesting" - thats what she said.

"WTF an erectangle, really?" - anyone might make this remark(and rightfully so)
by A∫B January 27, 2010
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1)a humourous way of talking about erections, or simply being aroused(applies to both genders)
2)a way of talking about geometric shapes that keeps you awake during geometry, or any math course.

similar words:erectagon, erectagonal.

erectangle originated from a typo of the words 'white rectangle'
"i saw this really hot chick and got a massive ERECTANGLE!'

girl one:Steve touched my soft spot and then i got an erectangle!
girl two:lmao.i'm sorry.I bit his neck the other day and he got a mega erectagon.
girl one:seriously?

That dude is such a sleaze, he's so erectagonal he can never keep it in his pants..
by Heebies March 02, 2007
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