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(uh-RACE-book) Alternate form of deletebook.
Frank: I asked Sue out in someone's comment-thread but I got nervous and deleted it.
Tim: Yo! She'll totally see it anyway even though you erasebooked it.
Frank: Oh, snap! Her boyfriend has nunchaku!
by Sam Weir May 06, 2010
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Social media distancing against perpetrators of online offenses such as bullying. Consists of removing all tags, posts, invitations, and group memberships related to identified offenders.

Stops short of defriending or being flynched.
Facebooker1: "Gross, did you see the page Dylan put up on Sharla???"

Facebooker2: "Ya, he frickin' scares me. Think I'll just erasebook him for now."
by Tit4Tat October 14, 2012
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