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real man,toughest strongest of group or specimen
the handsome one out of those three champions is by far the most cunning,caring,smart,tough, raw, badass person known to mankind. bassicly an epk
by good semeritan February 01, 2011
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EPK is an acronym for "Electronic Press Kit".

Electronic press kits are packages a group, film crew, musician/band sends as a digital package to advertise and give insight into projects. One of the most common uses is in describing a half-assed DVD featurette that's nothing but fluff and worthless compliments from the cast and crew.
The bonus stuff on the DVD only contained throw-away EPK features. Wait for the special edition.
by Stephen Ferrell October 19, 2005
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Emergency Period Kit.

Typically kept in a woman's purse at all time incase her or her friend get's her period unexpectedly. An EPK usually contains about three tapons and four or five maxi pads.
Jessica: "Oh shoot, I think I just had my period."
Dianne: "Don't worry, I have my EPK in my purse."
Jessica: "Thanks Dianne, you're a real life-saver."
Dianne: "No problem, I'm always prepared."
by dragonkeeper123 April 04, 2010
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