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1. A biological process by which information is passively absorbed, in a matter similar to osmosis, from episodes on TV or radio. Usually happens when you are focussing on doing something else while somebody in the same room is viewing or listening to the media. This can lead to false associations.

2. A sociological process whereby knowledge or behavior is transferred through occurrences that are regular and can be tracked over time. This can include: routine noisy arguments from the family living across the street, shouted tactical instructions from the beergut living next door each time there's an American football game on TV, and finding out that the various counts of first-degree homicide and cannibalism that your janitor stands accused of in routine police raids on his utility room.
Fnor: Do you watch Scrubs, HMB?
HMB: Not really. I've followed some of the plot through epismosis, but usually while downloading Sylvia Saint multimedia. Wasn't there one time that Zach Braff rides the Sybian?
Fnor: No.

2. Hague inspector: We deduce the victim to have expired after involuntary respiratory constriction at about 4 a.m. last night. We suspect epismosis of the General Secretary's late-night physical trysts with his administrative assistant in a nearby office may have caused a displacement of the victim's sexual energy as he slept, resulting in a lung erection that would prove fatal. However, investigators have not ruled out the possibility of poisoning. (Lead Inspector Franconi's confidential report following the death of former Serbian leader Slobodan Milosevich.)
by HMB May 10, 2006
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