One day, I was walking around the cafeteria (rather than through it, because there was a massive, chaotic food fight taking place inside). My friend was sitting by the vending machines with a bag of goldfish crackers, but I did not notice her. As I walked by her, she yelled my name, and as I turned around, she threw a goldfish cracker up to me. Everyone went quiet. As the little chip flew up, I opened my mouth wide, and it landed perfectly into my mouth.

This, my friends, is the definition of epic.

by SmileInMyEyes May 03, 2007
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Something that is so awesomely awesome, it leaves you almost speechless! For effect, EPIC should ALWAYS be written in CAPS, to show you mean business! :)
JoJo: What'd you think of that movie oi?
Rachee: T'was EPIC!
by imaWOODchuck. January 25, 2009
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1) A word once used described by Vikings going into battle

2) Now an overused and annoying word used to spice up 13-30 year olds vocab.

3)Also used to descride a youtube video, refer to epic fail.
1) "We are here to fight against this dragon in an EPIC journey!!"

2) "Dude.. see Avaitar the special effects are EPICCCC"

3) He fell off his skateboard and hit his nuts... EPIC FAIL
by Owleyed February 04, 2011
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Adjective used liberally by egomaniacal douchebaggy, wannabe runners, cyclists and triathletes to describe their athletic performances as tremendous feats of will and strength beyond that of mere mortals.
Wow, those were epic 3.1 miles!
by Crunner May 24, 2011
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Being unusually large, powerful or wonderful. On a grander scale than the modified word would otherwise imply.

Popular synonyms: Massive, Huge, Incredible, Awesome
"Sasha just gave me an epic blowjob"
by Ookpik February 01, 2006
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Once used to describe tales of incredible feats and events, with plots sometimes world-threatening in scope, told with elevated language; now used by any dumbass to describe something as mundane as curly fries.
Beowulf is an epic poem about the ultimate viking warrior and his victories against nigh-unkillable monsters.

Lord of the Rings is an epic novel spanning several volumes, where the fate of the world rests in the hands of an unlikely band of heroes.

"You should taste these epic onion rings, bro."

"I'm going to take an epic dump, bro."

"I have to do my epic taxes, bro."

"Watch this epic Vine video, bro."
by Mike MacDee March 24, 2014
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When something happens happens so awesome it deserves an oscar. A once in a lifetime thing. The kind of things that happen and you will actually remember in twenty years. (Although thats pushing it)
1. Jigga: Yo obama be the first black prezzi.
Alfonz: EPIC.

2. In a game of beer pong which took place on the 6th of February 2009, Bacon and Binsky were playing beer pong. Bacon shoots and gets a cup, Binsky shoots and makes a cup. Balls back. Bacon shoots and makes the second cup in, kid on other team picks up cup to drink, and Binsky makes a shot into the same cup he's drinking. This would never happen regularly so Binsky turns to Bacon and says "EPIC!"
by SixhundredSeventyNine4lyfe February 09, 2009
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