is a term used to describe the proper feeling experienced by one when committing a charitable good deed for another who has succumbed to destress or misfortune in life, whereby they themselves have never experienced such pain, suffering or misfortune? who then confuse thier feelings of wishing to help as stemming from a sense of empathy with the pains, sufferings, and troubles of the mentioned party or parties. This viewpoint is however incorrect, for empathy is a feeling which drives from one's ability to understand and relate to any given painful and tragic experience being suffered by another. Therefore, since they themselves have not encountered or experienced any such misfortune, then it is inconceivable that they, in turn, would have either the ability or even the inkling to relate with or understand the implications of the pains, sufferings, and misfortunes at hand. What such individuals are in fact feeling is a sense of epathy, which is a feeling that drives from either one's need for the satisfying of one's need for fulfilling one's moral and ethical duty to one's fellow man. However, as pointed out, do to lack of any level of personal experience with the mentioned misfortunes, any such act of charity cannot be mistaken for empathy, but rather epathy.
Mike who has never experienced the hardships of poverty, in result although cannot feel any level of empathy for those within society who are in need. He does, however, feel a great sense of epathy to help those less fortunate than himself within the social group, the best way he can.
by Baron Neville June 25, 2017
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another way of say oh my gosh but in a different word usually said when something good or bad happens.
"You got an A on the pop quiz"
by #galaxynexus March 04, 2012
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