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The act of being betrothed to a friend of same or opposite sex, with no real intention of ever marrying...unless desperaetion or alcohol take you to such conclusions. Agreeing to marry someone for the fun of being able to shriek that you're getting married, even though you're not. Agreeing to marry someone so you can make imaginary wedding plans that you know will never happen, but sound lovely anyway.
"Kelsey and I proposed to each other with paper clip rings, it was so romantic, now we're engauged."

"Are you coming to the engaugement party? We'll be discussing why we'll end up with bags and cats...and cheat on each other men. There'll be cocktails of course."

"Those crazy bitches got engauged because they're sick of men."

"They're not really getting marrried, they're just engauged for fun."
by Alana Howard February 01, 2008
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