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endorphasm is the moment during physical exertion when you feel that anything is possible. Clarity. When your music is pushed up a notch and your pace quickens. When every nerve is alive and your greatest passion is front and center in your mind, feeding you, strengthening your body and spirit.

endorphasm junkies run longer, ride harder, lift heavier and breath deeper in search of the endorphin rush that makes it all worth it. They are happier and more productive after a good endorphasm…..aren’t you?

A potential endorphasm is why millions of people will spend billions of dollars this year on triathlons, adventure races, marathons, gym memberships, sports equipment, boot camps and nutrition products. It is THE reason you do these things. Endorphins are literally what enable us to enjoy physical exertion. They are at the root of all successful physical fitness programs and our ability to screen out the pain and focus on the gain.

Now, when a wave of endorphins hits you, you know what to call it……yep, I just had an endorphasm.
That bootcamp always gives me an endorphasm. That event was endorphasmic. Those running shoes have endorphasm written all over them. Don't stop me now, I am about to endorphasm.
by endorphasm July 22, 2013
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