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A technique used by undercover police when performing a sting operation to entrap a felcher like Larry Craig while cottaging in an airport rest room.

Noting the abnomally wide stance of the guy in the next stall, The officer grunted and moaned trying to get cottager's attention.

In the next stall Repugnican Senator Larry Craig became more and more aroused. The sound of the yound cop pinching a loaf drove the old skat lover wild. He thought he'd found a blumpkindred spirit. Little did he know he'd soon be the victim of encrapment.

Craig later claimed his wide stance was just to to keep his trousers up. Everyone knew it was really to accomodate his gaping asshole aquired from years of fisting.
by Cuntoleezza Rice October 21, 2007
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To innocently enter a bathroom unaware that the person before you plugged up the toilet and it is now unusable.
Poor Ted had to take a dump so bad but found that he was a victim of encrapment.
by Rico Suavemoose January 29, 2017
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