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enaB started off as just another joke at school, but me and a few of my friends took it and turned it into something else. enaB is not just a clan its a new way of life. enaB evolved around the punk scene, but what are punkers taken as?... Trouble making drugees that wont go far in life. But if you knew me and my friends, we are not like that. We are people that live our lives one step at a time, and do not regret anything we do. enaB is about being yourself, living your life to the fullest. Anyone can be enaB there is no dress style, specific music, or atitude you have to have. Its about being who you are, not falling under a label. You choose who you are, not other people. We do not care what people think about us, because we know who we are. enaB is not about hate, violence, or crime, its about having fun and living your life in a positive way. And so I leave you with the question "How will you live your life?" enaB ITS A FUCKING REVOLUTION!!!
by Kyle August 24, 2004
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enaB started out as just a joke between me and sam; a bunch of little fuckers on the internet defining a retarded word...but it means so much more. it means starting a small war over the internet. it means sucking cock for money. it means, fuck i dont know, not caring about life. fuck ya! enaB 4 life!
enab is my fucking world yo!
by matt January 09, 2005
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