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a mix between of an emo and a goth!
twisted-jo is an emoth!
by philo September 17, 2005
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eMOTH is a person who is not emo and not goth, but is somewhere in between. They do not like to be 'catagorised' but if they must be, they are eMOTH.
Emma wears all black and at first glance is a stereotypical goth. However, those that know her also call her emo... She is neither goth nor emo, she is eMOTH
by Emma Bailey July 14, 2006
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A mix between an emo and a goth
Person:they are so Emoth.

If 2008 Danny worshop and Ashley Costello had a baby.
by Fuck off dumb ass December 20, 2015
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Emoth (ĭ-môth)

An emoth is an emo that likes a limited amount of goth music and fancies both emo and goths. Most emos only breed with emos; an emoth is an exception to this rule. They mostly dress emo, listen to emo and usually don't like any proper old school goth music but will own music by bands like HIM and Deathstars.
"I couldn't believe my luck last night. I pulled this well fit emo. It all made sense when I got back to hers and saw the HIM CD's. Turns out she was an emoth."
by enigmacrypt April 14, 2009
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The combination of Emo and Goth. For those who hate being called either, or both. :P
Jaivaz is an emoth.

Anybody who paints their nails black is an emoth.

A lot of satanists are more than likely emoth.
by IaN September 25, 2004
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As said before; a cross between emo and goth.

It is used to describe someone who wears goth clothes but is always very depressed and sites in a corner crying all day, slitting wrists and such like.
People who wear black, cry all the time and slit their wrists are EMOTHS not goths!
by Chris :D May 25, 2005
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