Emo is short for emotional. Emos are overly emotional people who are very sensitive and, yes, sometimes emo kids do cut themselves. Not to draw attention or any of that stuff that people make up because they hate the emo stereotype. Emo kids cut themselves because they're not in control of their emotions and they don't know any one way to handle it except to inflict pain on themselves.
Emo kids do fall in love. Probably more than most average people. They don't always hate everyone and everything the just have their good days, and their bad days. It just depends.
Yes emo kids have a unique and trendy style that people like Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, and Demi Lavoto try to copy. But it is completely original.
Don't judge, emos listen to them. Usually they just want a friend or someone to talk to because they're going through a tough time. Help the emo kids to be strong and great like the cool people they really are behind the outside.
Extra emo emotional people who need hugs, lots and lots of hugs. XD
by emilyluvsyou232 February 2, 2009
the emo emotion is what many TRUE emos have. Its a part where their logical and rational side diminishes and lets their emotions run them. The emo emotion is not just emo kids but is also apart of some people who have disorders later.
Emo 1: *sob*
Kid 1: God what a whiny little emo bitch. All they do is whine all of em!
Goth1: No, he has emo emotion.
by Negasable May 26, 2007