Emo dancing is usually spastic. Shaking, bouncing up and down, moving side to side, waving your pointer finger in the air are also involved. Some people lay on the ground and just shake. I guess it's anything that involves moving to the music. One's emo dance is usually chaotic and intense.
Look at that guy emo dance! It's crazy!
by Sylvia January 2, 2004
The main purpose of Emo Dancing is to show others how completely at one you are with the music. To show how passionate you are about it, like the mentality is "I have nothing else in life, music and self-expression are my everything".
Look out for these Emo Dance moves at a scuzzy, dirty gig venue near you:

1) Primarily practiced by the male of the species, but occasionally by the drunk/high Emo Chick, one holds onto the right ankle with the right hand, and jumps about, moving the leg up and down in a jerk-knee movement in time with excessive head-banging.
2) Emo Chick favourite - the girl puts her arms into the air, or entangles them in her back-combed hair, and jumps up and down, round and round, kicking up the legs as if she's trying to kick her own ass.
3) The classic choice when in an extremely space-limited mosh pit, for either girls or guys. Raise one arm in that stupid fist-and-finger-salute thing, and jump up and down repeatedly.
by Poplinda February 2, 2007
Emo "dance" is usually called "skanking", or throwing it down - "throwdown". It's made up of throwing your arms and legs in random directions with a lot of swerving motions. There are some actual moves aswell. This is just very general.
Usually seen at concerts.

One of the basic moves is to throw one leg where the other one is as you remove the other one. So then theres a replacing. and its repeated.

ex. Left leg replaces the right as it swings over, then the right leg swings over to where the left leg was.

That would be a type of "emo dance"
by cecilia. April 17, 2006
The windmill - swinging your arms over your head and running on the spot.

The two step - when you pull one leg over to the other side and then reapeat again with other foot.

Those are two emo dances - but mostly emos just spin there arms and legs around and shake.

This is how you do the emo Dance

Look at that emo dance looks she's doing the Two-step

by XxS.T.I.C.KxX November 9, 2006
aka the penny picker because it has a tendacy to look like the dancer is picking up pennys from the floor
look at those emo kids doing the penny picker
by atimid gentleman August 5, 2005
A dance similar to the cabbage patch, only you never move your elbows from your sides. Only followed by the word "Elliot", and may not be done to music.
by Tweet October 24, 2003