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The main purpose of Emo Dancing is to show others how completely at one you are with the music. To show how passionate you are about it, like the mentality is "I have nothing else in life, music and self-expression are my everything".
Look out for these Emo Dance moves at a scuzzy, dirty gig venue near you:

1) Primarily practiced by the male of the species, but occasionally by the drunk/high Emo Chick, one holds onto the right ankle with the right hand, and jumps about, moving the leg up and down in a jerk-knee movement in time with excessive head-banging.
2) Emo Chick favourite - the girl puts her arms into the air, or entangles them in her back-combed hair, and jumps up and down, round and round, kicking up the legs as if she's trying to kick her own ass.
3) The classic choice when in an extremely space-limited mosh pit, for either girls or guys. Raise one arm in that stupid fist-and-finger-salute thing, and jump up and down repeatedly.
by Poplinda February 02, 2007

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