A boy who generally has long hair covering one or both of his eyes, which will usually be outlined in thick black eyeliner and/or eyeshadow and tight pants, usually girl's skinny jeans, wearing Chuck Taylor's or other skinny, flimsy footwear. Though often referred to as being cutters, many "emos" are not actual cutters. In fact, the term emo is simply a shortened form of the word "emotional," though most emo boys dress after favourite bands. The deepest desires of a large percentage of the female population, emo boys are not always gay, though some are.
I want an emo boy.
by x.demonic October 05, 2009
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The latest attempt by an increasingly hostile world to annoy me into eating a bullet.
The emo boy has the kind of pathetic need for attention normally only found in goths, drag queens and politicians.
Much like those three groups, emo boys dress and act the way they do not to gain public approval or disapproval, but to get validation of an otherwise vapid, meaningless existence.
Most will grow out of it, thank Xenu, and the few who don't will descend to the level of sad self-caricature before, mercifully, taking their own lives using the most whiny, overly-dramatic means at their disposal. The suicide note will most likely be on the last page of his journal and will probably take the form of a poem that is, much like the rest of the book's contents, noticeably bad.
"Hey, there's an emo boy, want to beat him up?"
"What's the point? Nothing we can do to him will make his existence any more sad and pathetic than it already is."
by timokross July 10, 2008
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A guy who is in a mix of a punk/nerdy style but is very sensitive and uses his hair to cover half his face.
girl:o my god..did you see that emo boy..?

friend:ya..hes so hot, I like his hair.
by M3lissa April 02, 2006
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An emo boy cannot be grouped by any stereotype. The various people who go "hurr that emo slits his wrists and dresses like a girl hurr he's so pathetic hurr" clearly fear what they don't understand. Emo boys don't all wear makeup, and the vast majority don't slit their wrists. Similarly, not all emos listen to bands such as Fallout Boy and My Chemical Romance. They listen to what they want, when they want.

The only thing that actually defines an "emo" boy is how in touch with his emotions he is. They can be happy, sad, bored, whatever. They're just not afraid to show it.

Many people are emo, and even their closest friends don't know it.
*No proper example of an emo boy, Sorry*
by The King Of Zydeco March 15, 2008
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Emo boys are often conformists with very strict rules about what clothes to wear and what hairstyles they should have. They only love other emo people so therefore they are also elitists. They are often gay or femme. They are in touch with their emotions, but not others emotions and are very immature. They are egocentric and love themselves so much they must talk and sing about themselves all the time. They have no backbone and cannot take criticism very well and will cry if you call them babies. They look dopey and would be better off with blonde hair. They look like anime characters so they belong in a cartoon world. I love them.
The Emo Boys cried all night long when the little emo girl punched each of them in the foot.
by Crow boy June 17, 2007
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Emo boys (also known as scenes) are retarded, lying, annoying kids who look down on everyone, just because they think they are so cool. The most often place to find them is the internet, whereas they are obsessed with taking pictures of themselves while shirtless, even though they have the skinniest, whitest and most unattractive bodies, and talking about their (fake) problems, because they are oh so hot and cool. Their internet names are normally between the lines of XxemoboyxX1109, for the common emo, XxsinistercutsxX for the hardcore emo (pretensive and retarded nontheless, the only difference is that the vast majority claim to cut themselves, even if they don't, and if they do, its rare), and XxxlovefordinosxxX for the, er... more feminine type. The next most common place to spot the emo boys is at the shopping mall. You would know which kid is emo by their retarded clothing. They normally wear 'way too skinny' skinny jeans (the reason why most of the walk so weirdly), mainly black, and black band t-shirts. Their hair is always jet- black and extremely straight . Some of them sport blonde highlights and 'coon' tails, and all of them, I say ALL of them, wear Converse, and straighten their hair for hours every morning, right after putting on the eyeliner that they got their best girl friend to buy them (because being seen buying eyeliner is totally faggy, but wearing some isn't, of course).
(Damn. I even had to change boxes cuz my hatin' was so long) When it comes to defending their emo-ness, they always follow a pattern. First, they make up a fake story about how they've come to be emo, and how they have so many problems and like to cut themselves. Second, they defend their 'individuality', saying that it is a 'unique' way of expressing themselves (because there are NOT thousands of emo kids already that wear the exact same clothing they do, say the exact same things they do, and look the exact same way they do). They always say they can play the guitar, and, while most of them do have one, none of them can actually play one. They also claim that they write dark, sad songs and poetry. This isn't exactly a lie, because they do write songs, but they're so crappy and retarded they shouldn't really be called songs, and more like 'a vomit inducing mess of words bought only to the world to bring pain to the innocent'.

In conclusion, they suck, they should explode, and I will never stop hoping that the metalheads, hiphoppers, neutral people, pirates and ninjas (emos suck so much that even THEY joined forces) will go rouge on them and terminate them for good. (Hell, Ill even throw gangstas in there if it just stops the bitches already).

I have no doubt that emo boys will read this, hate me for writing it, click on the thumbs down button and continue writing their vomit inducing mess of words brought only to the world to bring pain to the innocent.
by Milla15 June 24, 2010
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